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When you hear the words ‘building contractor’ what do you think of? Delays? Expense? Being ripped off?

If the TV consumer programmes are anything to go by you could be forgiven if you do think like this and it’s also the reason that you should always use a building contractor (much like us!).  A building contractor is the most valuable person onsite when you’re having any form of construction, whether it’s an extension, conversion or new build.

Building Contractor – one point of contact

Your building contractor is your main, and one point of contact who will oversee your build or extension in its entirety. Working with you from the planning stage, that means that you don’t have to deal with bricklayers, labourers, plasterers, electricians, plumbers, roofers, glazers, tilers, carpenters, kitchen and bathroom fitters, flooring layers and so on.  You don’t have to negotiate, co-ordinate and chase up any of these.

Dealing with planning and building regulations can be a time consuming and frustrating part of your build, but working with them to ensure that your build is compliant with regulations is a job that building contractor will carry out on your behalf.

They will also:

  • Be responsible for hiring and supervising all trades and making sure that they deliver on time and to the required specification
  • Ensure that building materials arrive as and when they are needed
  • Track budget and flag any possible elements that could go over budget


Hire a building contractor and be excited!

When you are having your new home built, or your loft or garage converted into a useable space, it’s a time of great excitement! But this often dissipates into dismay as managing a multitude of trades people and local government representatives takes time and builds stress. A good, reliable and reputable building contractor will make sure that you are not troubled with issues on an hourly basis and, in most instances, will save you money through their reputation, buying power and knowledge of the industry.

If you are considering building your own home, building an extension or converting your loft or garage, talk to us today.