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When your growing family needs more space, it’s likely that your first thoughts are to move to a bigger house.

Your home is full of irreplaceable memories. Selling up and moving to a new home will mean that you are leaving all of those precious memories behind. And putting your home on the market, boxing up your life, changing your daily commute and upheaving your family is both time-consuming, stressful and costly. An extension to your home however, can be less stressful, less expensive and still give you the space you need to continue to make new memories.

You are in control of an extension! You have input when it comes to design and so can dictate (as far as the property will allow) how the new space will be used by you and your family. This might include extra bedrooms, a bigger kitchen, additional bathrooms or an additional living room.  A house extension opens your home up to endless possibilities and guarantees your exact requirements are met.

We’d be foolish to imply that a house extension will happen for pennies.  It won’t because there is much to do, and it will require a significant investment.  The construction itself will include builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, plus additional fixtures and fittings.  However in most instances, the costs are vastly less than having to up-size and move, with the added bonus of shaping the added space yourselves. An extension will also add value to your property – and so it really is an investment for the future too.

With the right team behind you, there really is no downside to a home extension. Once you have a clear vision and planning permission, you can begin extending your home to add value and squeeze a few more memories in!

We will project manage the entire build.  We have a fully trained, skilled team of tradespeople who will work on your home extension from beginning, right through to completion.  If you are a homeowner in Swansea and are looking to move, why not talk to us first! Extend your thinking!